Chinese Team Supports & Donates To The Als Association

Chinese Team Supports & Donates To The ALS Association
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People now are getting more aware of the disease called Amyotrphic Lateral Sclerosis or in short, ALS and that is because of the worldwide trend, "The Ice Bucket Challenge." Different personalities and even the masses have take on the challenge. Of course, our Chinese table tennis idols did not just participated in the trend but also gave their support. 

Sohu Sports. The "Ice Bucket Challenge" has been gaining a lot of attention worldwide and the Chinese players took part of it. 

Last August 21, before the Chinese Men's Team had their evening training, head coach Liu Guoliang explained what ALS is to the team and the significance of the ice bucket activity. 

Of course, Liu Guoliang was brave enough to accept the challenge in front the men's team. Also, Ma Long, Wang Hao, and Zhang Jike, took the challenge as well. 

Aside from being part of a global trend, the Chinese Team didn't forget the true meaning of it all and that is to give support to the patients of ALS (Amyotrphic Lateral Sclerosis). 

"Through the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge from America, we get to understand the disease and how terrible it is. We also learned that there are 200,000 people affected with ALS in China. Therefore, I accept the challenge, and at the same time participate in charitable activities." Liu Guoliang said. 

Indeed, Liu Guoliang did not just had freezing water poured over himself but he, and the whole team will also donate. 

"Our athletes and coaches are dedicated to donate and give support to all patients. After we sum up all the contributions of the team, we will entrust "PingPang World" to forward our donation to the relevant charity." The head coach concluded. 

Photo source: QQ Sports 

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