Fan Zhendong Aims To Win The Youth Olympics

Fan Zhendong Aims To Win The Youth Olympics
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Fan Zhendong has been very active in both international and domestic competitions. At a young age, he has already been to big world championships and has already led a team in the Chinese Super League. This weekend, Fan Zhendong will carry the Chinese banner in the Youth Olympics in Nanjing. 

Sohu Sports. At age 17, Fan Zhendong is already on his way to the peak of his career. Before the 2016 Olympics, maybe he still needs to prove himself in Nanjing this month. 

The second Youth Olympics will be taking place in Nanjing this month and the table tennis competition will kick off this Sunday, August 17. It will last until the 28th. 

The Chinese Team will be represented by the young sensation Fan Zhendong for the men while Liu Gaoyang for the women. 

Just last week, Fan Zhendong and the rest of the Bayi Team fought in the semifinals of the 2014 Chinese Super League. Fan Zhendong defeated the veteran Hao SHuai in a close match of 3-2 but lost to Zhang Jike in 0-3. Although the team didn't make it to the finals, their performance was already beyond expectations. 

This season, Fan Zhendong was honed to be the next leader of the team as Wang Hao takes the back seat and the 17-year old did not fail his team. This weekend, he will try to conquer the Youth Olympics. 

Although Fan Zhendong seemed to be the most experienced among the list of players, he wouldn't want to be so complacent. 

"I still have to prepare for every match in the Youth Olympics. This will allow me to have a good mental outlook in the arena and be able to win the title. I will not use the world championship title as a kind of pressure but an affirmation of my abilities." Fan Zhendong said. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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