Is Timo Boll An Unlucky Player? (Video)

Is Timo Boll an unlucky player? (VIDEO)
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The biggest threat to the Chinese team and the most successful European player in the last decade. That is Timo Boll. The German player has had a successful career, but has been criticized due to his lack of major titles. Why hasn't Boll been able to win major titles? Is Boll an unlucky player? 

"The Most Unlucky Table Tennis Player - Timo Boll" This is the title of a video recently uploaded to youtube. The author of the video says that we don't have to take this video seriously, but the title make us think, is Boll really an unlucky player? 

The German player is the most successful European player and has been the biggest threat to Chinese players in the last decade. He has won 6 European singles titles, 18 ITTF Pro Tour titles, 2 World Cup's titles and a bronze medal in World Championships, among other. 

See Timo Boll's achievements here

But these achievements don't make fans forget his lack of major titles. If we compare Boll with European players such as Werner Schlager and Jan-Ove Waldner, we can see that Boll has won more titles than the Austrian, but Schlager has the World Championships's title that the German player has been looking for. If we compare him with Waldner, the Swede is clearly the winner here, because he collected Olympic and world gold medals in singles and team competitions. 

Boll has had his chances to win major titles. In Paris 2003 he was the top seed and favorite for the title, but he suffered an early and unexpected defeat. In 2011 he reached semifinals of the World Championships held in Rotterdam, but he fell against an inspired Zhang Jike. In London 2012 he was one of the favorites for the title again, but he was betrayed by his nerves and the Olympic dream faded away.

After these failures, the question is: why hasn't Timo Boll been able to win major titles? Is he betrayed by his anxiety for titles or has he been only an unlucky player? The answer can be the last one, according to Timo Boll. After the final against China in the World Team Championships held in Tokyo, Boll said that sometimes he had wished to have been born 20 years earlier. The German player thinks that his country has a strong generation now, but China is simply too good. 

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