Jorgen Persson Commends Fan Zhendong's Performance

Jorgen Persson Commends Fan Zhendong's Performance
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Sweden's table tennis veteran Jorgen Persson was active during the recently concluded Youth Olympic Games as he was appointed by the ITTF as a model athlete. Aside from involving himself with the young participants and sharing his skills and experiences, he also got the chance to witness Fan Zhendong in action. 

Yangcheng Evening News. From Cai Zhenhua to Zhang Jike, Jorgen Persson was there to compete against them. Just recently, he witness the youngest, Fan Zhendong. 

Jorgen Persson is a respectable table tennis personality. He has long been active in the international scene where he has been with different generations of Chinese players: from Cai Zhenhua to Zhang Jike. 

Just recently, as he was appointed as the model athlete by the ITTF, Jorgen Persson was able to witness the new breed of players and he has high regards on the champion Fan Zhendong. "Through the competition, I can see the future of China." Persson said. 

"Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui are Olympic champions. The coach of every young player is an Olympic champion. They can pass down the experiences of being a champion to different generations." He added. 

Since Jorgen Persson has retired, the Swedish Team's results also declined. The legend hopes that in the 2018 World Team Championships, they will be able to improve and achieve good results. Also, the former table tennis champion contemplates to have his own small business, that is to export Sweden's milk to China. 

Currently, Jorgen Persson is not too active in international events and is a coach of Tianjin Team. He still spends time training and play exhibition games.

Photo source: OSports 

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