New Two-Toned Ball Undermines Chopper's Advantage (Video)

New Two-Toned Ball Undermines Chopper's Advantage (Video)
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As this season's Chinese Super League had their playoffs, we witnessed the new two-coloured ball at play for the first time. Although the rotation can only be clearly seen during playbacks, it is believed that it still had good effects. However, the downside, choppers had decreased advantage. 

Beijing News. Aside from the competition, the 2014 Super League playoffs was also anticipated because of the introduction of the two-toned ball. 

Before the semifinals of the Chinese Super League took place, potential problem on its quality was raised after Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Zhang Jike posted pictures of broken balls after just minutes of practice. 

However, during the competition proper, such problem didn't pose much threat on the continuity of the game. 

The reason of the Chinese Table Tennis Association for coming up with a two-coloured ball was to allow ordinary people to appreciate the greatest charm of the sport and that is the spin. Unless played in slow motion, the rotation of the ball wasn't that clear on TV. 

But for professional players, the impact of the new ball was believed to be big. Compared to the white ball, the two-toned ball indeed made the rotation much clearer for the players, giving them a heads up on what attack to make. Unfortunately, this characteristic of the new ball greatly weakened the advantages of the choppers. 

In the semifinals between Ningbo and Jiangsu, the foreign aide of the defending champions, Joo Sae Hyuk was not able to win his two matches. 

Ningbo vs Jiangsu 2014 CTTSL MT SF
video kindly shared by janus770

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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