No Let Rule At The 2014 Belarus Open!

No let rule at the 2014 Belarus Open!
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2014 Belarus Open is the first international competition to be played with the plastic ball. But this isn't the only innovation to be seen in Minsk. The U21 event will suffer a change of rules. If there is let, the serve won't be repeated.

The 2014 Belarus Open marks the comeback of the 2014 ITTF World Tour in the second semester. This tournament is expected for many fans and players, because it is the first international tournament where the controversial plastic ball is being used. 

But this isn't the only innovation we can see in this tournament. The International Table Tennis Federation announced that there will be a change in the serve rules in the U21 event. It is the "no let" experiment: If the ball touches the net during serve, this won't be repeated. This change of rule isn't something permanent but only a trial.  

There are no opinions from players about this change yet, but we hope to hear their comments in the end of the tournament. What do you think about this idea? 

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