Table Tennis Players Accept Ice Bucket Challenge (Videos)

Table Tennis Players accept Ice Bucket Challenge (VIDEOS)
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Donate 100 US dollars or take the Ice Bucket Challenge and donate only 10 dollars. This phrase has made many people around the world get drenched in freezing cold water and upload their video on internet. for a good cause. Some of these people are our table tennis players.

Politicians, artists and athletes have got soaked for a goo cause in the last days. Amyotrophic Lateral Disease (ALS) Association set the "Ice Bucket Challenge" to create awareness of this disease and raise money to find a cure. The challenge consists in donating 100 dollars or donating only 10 and get drenched in ice water. 

This challenge has become so popular on internet that even Table Tennis players have been challenged to do it. One of the first players to take the challenge was Ma Long. After the challenge, the Chinese player nominated Dimitrij Ovtcharov, who was previously nominated by Daniel Ives, Table Tennis Daily forum's founder. 

Ice Bucket Challenge by Ma Long

The German player took the challenge too and nominated Fan Zhendong, Jan-Ove Waldner and German football player Stefan Eigner

Besides Ma and Ovtcharov, other Table Tennis players and people related to the sport have also taken the challenge. Here are their videos. 

Liu Guoliang, Wang Hao and Zhang Jike


Jean-Philippe Gatien

Jorgen Persson

Hugo Calderano

Yuto Muramatsu

Simon Gauzy

Tiago Apolonia

Alvaro Robles

Timo Boll

Andreas Preuss, Borussia Düsseldorf's manager

Adam Bobrow, ITTF commentator

Lily Zhang

Omar Assar

Ricardo Walther

Kelly Sibley Video kindly shared by Pink Pong

Masaki Yoshida

Patrick Franziska

Marcos Freitas

Sabine Winter

Peter Karlsson

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Table Tennis was banned in the USSR from ca 1930 to 1950 because it was believed to be harmful to the eyes

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