Unbreakable Table Tennis Ball? (Video)

Unbreakable Table Tennis ball? (VIDEO)
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Yes, you read that right. A German designer has created an unbreakable Table Tennis ball. This isn't made of celluloid or plastic, but a flexible material. For those who aren't happy with the recent changes suffered by our sport, don't have to be worried, because this ball wasn't created to be used at a professional level.

Airball, the unbreakable ball! Philipp Günther, a German designer, has created an unbreakable Table Tennis ball. This ball isn't made of celluloid or plastic but of a flexible material. This isn't the only special characteristic of Airball. The ball is made with a 3D printer. 

If you are worried that our sport could have another change, don't worry. Günther explains that the ball is designed to be used by hobby players.

The objective of this ball is that you don't have to be worried about not to step on it, because it is completely flexible and easy to transport. 

Airball isn't available yet. Its designer started a campaing to raise funds to develp it, which you can find here

More information about the ball here

AIRBALL - table tennis revolution from Phil G on Vimeo.

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