Zhang Jike: The Two-Toned Ball Is Okay

Zhang Jike: The Two-Toned Ball Is Okay
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The two-toned ball debuted today as the playoffs of the 2014 Chinese Super League took place in China. A lot have given high anticipation on this innovation but as the players tried their hands on this ball, it seems that it can't keep up with their enormous power, leading to broken balls after just minutes of playing. After the semifinals today, Zhang Jike said that the ball was okay. 

Dalian Daily. Everyone is excited for the Chinese Super League playoffs not only because of the battles, but also the debut of the two-toned ball. But it seems there is a problem. 

The two-toned ball has been delivered to various teams in the Chinese Super League for their adaptive training. As reported it will be officially introduced in the playoffs of the competition. 

However, with just days before the actual competition, a serious problem was encountered during the training of Shandong. 

"The playoffs of the 2014 Chinese Super League will be the first to use a new ball in table tennis. What is the result of this two-toned ball? Take a look on what happened after Zhang Jike's 15 minutes of training." Reporter Li Wujun wrote on his Weibo last August 5, attached with a photo of nearly 10 balls, all broken. 

Before this, Dimitrij Ovtcharov, part of the Jiangsu Team who also made it into the playoffs also complained about the poor endurance of the two-toned ball. 

This afternoon, Zhang Jike played with the new ball for the actual competition where he scored two 3-0's, contributing to the overall victory of Shandong. 

"It was okay because I did not care if it has two colours or three colours. In the match, I invested all my energy into the game." Zhang Jike said.  

Photo source: Weibo account of Li Wujun 

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