Adham Sharara Officially Leaves Ittf Presidency

Adham Sharara officially leaves ITTF Presidency
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The day came. Adham Sharara leaved the ITTF Presidency after 14 years. He took this responsability in 1999 and now is ready to hand over it to Thomas Weikert, President of the German Table Tennis Federation. But Mr. Sharara won't abandon Table Tennis nor ITTF, he will be ITTF Chairman. 

Adham Sharara announced during the 2014 World Team Championships that he would leave the ITTF Presidence in September. That day came and Mr. Sharara leaved this position after 15 years. He began in 1999 and since then table tennis entered a new era.

In 2000 the 38mm ball was replaced by the 40mm ball. In the next year the game score changed from 21 to 11 points. In 2002 the ITTF Junior Circuit and the World Cadet Challenge were introduced. In the next year the first World Junior Championships was held. 

In 2008 another change was introduced. The speed gluing or boosters were banned, what led to the develpment of a new glue and equipment. And the last innovation was the introduction of the plastic ball in ITTF competitions. 

Some achievements under his leadership are: 


  • ITTF moving up the Olympic funding table after London 2012.
  • ITTF's major events being broadcasted live in 110 countries.
  • ITTF having the third highest number of social media followers among all Olympic international federations.
  • ITTF currently holding over 75 events a year in all corners of the globe.
  • ITTF having 220 National Associations , which is the equal highest of any International Federation second highest of any sport on the planet.


But Adham Sharara won't leave ITTF. He is the ITTF Chairman, whose main function is to chair the Annual General Meeting. 

Now a new president will try to continue developing Table Tennis in the world. That person is Thomas Weikert, President of the German Table Tennis Federation. He took Mr. Sharara's position on 1st September. Mr. Weikert is the 7th President of the ITTF since its fundation in 1926. 

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1904 was the first time Table Tennis was played in China

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