Ariel Hsing Teaches Makeup 101 To Chinese Players

Ariel Hsing Teaches Makeup 101 To Chinese Players
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Ariel Hsing had a lot to gain from her experience in the 2014 Chinese Super League but she also had something to impart to her Chinese teammates and that is makeup. Following her interview with PingPang World, the American player revealed that sharing her makeup to her teammates was one of her pastimes in the Chinese Super League. 

PingPang World. With Ariel Hsing in the Super League, competition on a regular basis was not that sad.  

"I especially like to teach makeup to others. This is an easy topic to chat with girls." Ariel Hsing answered when asked what she usually does in her pastime in the Super League. 

Aside from books, the American table tennis player also brought some makeup products with her and had Yang Yang and other teammates try them. "During the competition, I gave some makeup to Liu Gaoyang and Li Xiaodan. Outside the arena, we are friends." She added. 

Life of an athlete is not easy especially that they consistently deal with rigorous trainings and pressure from competitions. To ease stress away, Ariel Hsing relies on beautifying herself. 

"I think makeup is a product that can make us happy. It can make us feel relax. But China and America are different. American girls usually start to put makeup at 11 or 12 years old. I started when I was 17 and its already late. Chinese athletes basically don't wear makeup." She said. 

Chinese women players are known for their strength and nothing more. Ariel Hsing imparting her knowledge on makeup to them is actually a good thing. She helped girls look like girls. In fairness to the Chinese Team, efforts for a makeover have been done recently starting with their new uniform. 

Photo source: Al Podgorski/Chicago Sun Times

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