Ariel Hsing: There Are Not Much Powerful Players In America

Ariel  Hsing: There Are Not Much Powerful Players In America
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Ariel Hsing, the American table tennis player admits to have enjoyed her participation in the recently concluded Chinese Super League. Playing for the Jinhua Team, Ariel Hsing was able to experience high class table tennis league that made her realise there isn't anything like that in America. 

PingPang World. America is a superpower country but they just can't have it all. Ariel Hsing compares table tennis in America and in China. 

Ariel Hsing has traveled to China before but it was her first time this year to participate in the Chinese Super League. 

"It's very cool and fun. There have been a lot of things that I haven't encountered yet before. In America, I've participated a lot of individual competitions and my mom always accompany me. This time, it is a Team competition. I live and eat with my teammates." She said. 

Although she admitted to have fun, the constant travel was exhausting for her. However, looking on the benefits, Ariel Hsing is grateful to have the opportunity to compete against the strongest players in the sport. 

"Travelling constantly was harder than expected but I'm still very happy to have come to participate in the Super League. There are not much powerful players like in the Super League in the whole of America. So, I cherish the opportunity." She added. 

Ariel Hsing also cited the preparations before each competition in the Super League. According to her, back home, their coach is the one who decides who gets to be in the playing lineup. But in the Super League, each member of the team is involved aiming to have an advantage over the other. 

"I feel that such atmosphere is better." Ariel Hsing said. 

Ariel Hsing played for the Jinhua Team in the 2014 Chinese Super League. After the season, she posted five losses. 

Photo source: Tencent Sports 

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