Interview With Piing Of Power! (Video)

Interview with Piing of Power! (VIDEO)
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If you like watching Table Tennis videos, you have probably watched one of Piing of Power's creations.  Two friends from Austria began to create videos for fun and now they work together with ITTF and the Bundesliga. Who are these two friends? We invite you to read our interview with Christian Ortner and Joachim V. Davy to know the people behind Piing of Power. 

If we say Christian Ortner and Joachim V. Davy, probably these names don't mean anything to you. But if we say Piing of Power, you will think of some funny videos you have watched on youtube.

Christian and Joachim are the guys behind Piing of Power videos and we interviewed them to know more about their work and how this project has changed their lives.  

TableTennista: How and when did you start to play table tennis? 

Chris: I started playing table tennis 5 years ago when I was 17 years old. In that summer I was really bored and thought “Hey, let’s try something new”. The local club I started to play was really welcoming and the good vibes made me stay and train. Now I play as often as I can and try my luck at some local tournaments.

Joachim: I started playing table tennis in 2005 when i was 13 years old. But for the first two years i just played for fun. In 2007 my training got more serious and i started to play tournaments for the local club.

TableTennista: How did you come up with the idea of making table tennis videos? 

Joachim: As I'm studying Digital FIlm & Animation the idea was to combine our hobby with my studies. Chris had the first idea of creating funny videos and I was responsible for bringing it into shape. That’s how Piing of Power was born.

Chris: Butterfly hosted a competition where you could send in a short video to win some cool prizes. Joachim and me thought we should give it a try and won it. Back then we got one jersey and a jacket. Luckily we get more now ;)

TableTennista: Did you ever think that your videos would be so popular? 

Chris: No way. We worked really hard on our videos but never failed to enjoy it as much as possible. Although we don’t post so much on our own channel anymore (because we invest so much time for others like the ITTF, Butterfly etc.) we still make a lot of videos. 

When watching a table tennis video, most people probably don’t even know it’s made by us.

Joachim: I absolutely didn't expect our work to be so popular. At first it was just for fun and for practicing the new stuff i learned at university. It's really great to see our videos being watched all around the world.

TableTennista: We know that you are working with ITTF and TTBL. How did they get in contact with you? What is your work with them? 

Both: We contacted the ITTF ourselves very early with an offer for the WTTC in Paris. Since then we work really close with the ITTF and are very proud and happy of this working-relationship. It’s hard to explain what we do for the ITTF. We travel to some events and film our own footage for future videos; sometimes we just cut the videos from home. That could be promos, documentaries or really anything else.

Last summer we worked on a big project for Butterfly with Michael Maze, Werner Schlager and Richard Prause. One of Butterfly’s co-worker mentioned that the TTBL were searching for young and motivated associates and introduced us to the TTBL’s CEO Nico Stehle. We mostly cut highlight versions of the matches and make some extra videos for special occasions.

TableTennista: We also know that you were in Ovtcharov's wedding. Can you tell us about the work you did on his wedding?

Both: We met Dima the first time when we produced the “Off the table” series for the ITTF with him. He was a really enjoyable guy and we talked a lot. He was impressed by our work and offered us to make his wedding video. How could we say no? ;) So we produced a short clip (he posted it on Facebook a few days later) which was shown at the wedding. We also filmed before, during and after his wedding and are currently cutting his personal wedding video.

TableTennista: Have Piing of Power changed your life? if yes, how? 

Joachim: Piing of Power definitely changed my life. When I moved to Vienna for studying, I didn’t expect that table tennis will be such a huge part in my life. I love playing table tennis, so it will be a part of my life forever, but I actually didn't think, that table tennis will be a huge part in my work!

Chris: Definitely. Through Piing of Power I became part of the big table tennis world. In less than one year I travelled the world, made friendships with unique people and experienced a great part of life. I’m really thankful for this development and hope there will be much more! 

TableTennista: Can you tell us about your future projects?

Both: When we made videos for our own channel we mostly made them spontaneously. (Un)fortunately we have so much work that we can’t make any plans for our channel. But we just signed a new contract with the TTBL for another year. We also made agreements with the ITTF to be part of the ITTF media team at the Men’s and Women’s World Cup, the World Tour Grand Finals in Bangkok and the World Championships in China next year. As if that wouldn’t keep us busy enough we have more projects with them and also other companies we work with. 

We will not stop with Piing of Power – that’s for sure! ;) Stay tuned!

Tabletennista: Thanks for the interview, Chris and Joachim. 

You can find Piing of Power on its facebook fan page and its youtube channel

One of Piing of Power's creations: Table Tennis - simply epic

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