Portugal Is The New European Team Champion! (Videos Hd)

Portugal is the new European Team Champion! (VIDEOS HD)
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Portugal made history at the 2014 European Team Championships. Marcos Freitas and Co. stopped Germany's winning streak and clinched his first European title ever. Marcos Freitas was the hero as he overcame Steffen Mengel and Timo Boll. But Tiago Apolonia was also crucial in his team victory. He beat Dimitrij Ovtcharov.

Portugal is the new King in Europe. The team led by Marcos Freitas made history at home soil after beating Germany at the 2014 European Team Championships's final. Besides winning its first European team title ever, Portugal avoided Timo Boll and Co. winning its 7th title in a row. 

Portugal's victory is more surprising, because Freitas and Co. had lost to Germany by 3:1 in the group phase. Timo Boll swept with Tiago Apolonia by 3:0 and beat Freitas by 3:2. Patrick Franziska overcame Joao Monteiro in the third match and Freitas got the point for Portugal after beating SteffenMengel by 3:2. 

But roles were changed in the final. Marcos Freitas gave the first blow after sweeping with Mengel by 11:8, 11:8 and 11:8. Timo Boll leveled the score as he won against Monteiro by 11:7, 11:1 and 11:8. 

Marcos Freitas vs Steffen Mengel Video  kindly shared by TTCountenance

Timo Boll vs Joao Monteiro Video  kindly shared by TTCountenance

Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Tiago Apolonia met in the third match. Although Ovtcharov wasn't at his best shape in Lisbon, everyone expected a victory from him. But Apolonia wouldn't accept a defeat today. The Portuguese displayed a great performance and got the first two games by 11:7 and 11:2. When the home crowd expected a sweeping victory, Ovtcharov reacted and won the third game by 13:11. But Apolonia didn't let this big chance escape and sealed his victory by 11:9 in the fourth match. 

Tiago Apolonia vs Dimitrij Ovtcharov Video kindly shared by TTCountenance

Marcos Freitas and Timo Boll clashed in the fourth match. Boll was leading in the first game, but missed his chances and Marcos Freitas got the game by 12:10. Boll fought back and leveled by 11:5. But Freitas took initiative and his efforts were paid off. He won the third game by 11:6. Timo Boll kept fighting, but he couldn't do anything against Freitas. The Portuguese player secured his victory and the title for Portugal by 11:9. 

The Portuguese players invaded the game zone to hug Freitas, while the home crowd applauded their champions. 

Marcos Freitas vs Timo Boll Video  kindly shared by TTCountenance

Photo and info. source: - ettu.rog 

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