Xu Xin Saddened His Former Coach Qin Zhijian (Video)

Xu Xin Saddened His Former Coach Qin Zhijian (Video)
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For further growth especially for this new Olympic cycle, it was decided that Xu Xin leave his former coach, Qin Zhijian and transfer to a new coach, Wu Jingping. This transfer, of course, saddened the old coach. However, after careful consideration, he decided to let go of is disciple. 

PingPang World. Xu Xin's move to a new coach was a strategy of the Chinese Team and before that happened, the former coach resisted.

"Xu Xin has changed coach and I have a lot of sadness." Qin Zhijian admitted.  

"Last year's National Games, Xu Xin played very bad and it was my responsibility. He also has a lot of deficiencies in his development and it was also my responsibility. After the National Games, coach Liu Guoliang had a talk with me and asked if I can allow Xu Xin to be with another coach. At that time, I clearly disagreed. Coach Liu understood me and did not talk about it after." The coach recalled. 

Xu Xin, indeed, did not play well in the 2013 Chinese National Games. His Shanghai Team suffered with his losses against Fan Zhendong and Zhou Yu in the Team event, and against Fan Zhendong in the Singles semifinals. 

Xu Xin vs Fan Zhendong 2013 Chinese National Games MS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

"Since then, I reflected on it. It was clear that Xu Xin hasn't reached the expectations of the head coach. Although Xu Xin has been my player for many years, he was still not my own. He belongs to the Chinese Team. In one hand, I totally understood coach Wu Jingping. He was my coach before and he can give a lot of help with Xu Xin." Qin Zhijian added. 

"Then I thought that Xu Xin having a new coach is actually a good thing. Xu Xin has grown and it is a good thing for the Chinese Team. Then, I texted coach Liu that I had taken into consideration and will allow Xu Xin to have another coach." The coach concluded. 

Photo source: China News 

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