Andrew Baggaley Won The 2015 World Championship Of Ping Pong

Andrew Baggaley won the 2015 World Championship of Ping Pong
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Andrew Baggaley was crowned champion of the 2015 World Championship of Ping Pong. The English player cliamed the title in an impressive way afer eliminating Maxim Shmyrev of Russia, three-time world champion, and winning against Alexander Flemming of Germany in a thrilling final match.

Andrew Baggaley is the winner of the 2015 World Championships of Ping Pong. The English player caused sensation before winning the final match. He eliminated Russia's Maxim Shmyrev, winner of the last three editions, by 2:1 in semifinals. 

Alexander Flemming of Germany, runner-up, also caused upsets on his way to the final. He eliminated Ilija Lupulesku of USA, last year's runner-up, by 2:1 in the round of 16. Then the German players overcame Scotland's Gavin Rumgay by 2:1 in quarterfinals and Slovakia's Lubomir Pistej in semifinals by 2:1. 

In the final match Baggaley dominated the first two games and took the lead by 15:13 and 15:10. But Flemming never thought of giving up and managed to level by 15:12 and 15:10. 

The German player was in a good path and celebrated each point like it was a match point. Baggaley was overwhelmed by his opponent but he made his comeback in the deciding game. It was close game in the begining but the English player won crucial points and sealed his victory by 15:12. 

Photo and info. source: World Championships of Ping Pong's facebook page -

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