Chen Meng Regrets Retiring From The Asian Championships (Video)

Chen Meng Regrets Retiring From The Asian Championships (Video)
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Chen Meng had a good performance in last week’s Asian Championships where she clinched the Mixed Doubles title with Fan Zhendong and was close to winning the Women’s Doubles and Singles. However, in the penultimate day of the competition, Chen Meng got injured which resulted to her withdrawal. In her Weibo, she shared her sentiment. 

Sina Sports. Chen Meng reached the finals of the Asian Championships Women’s Singles but unfortunately she lost because of injury. 

“Thanks you everyone for your concern! Last night, I gave up the Singles finals due to injury. Today, I initially had the Doubles finals but there was no way for me to stand normally into the arena. So I had to retire again. Very unfortunate. This year’s Asian Championships ended this way. Tonight, we will be returning to China and after our arrival, I will be coordinating with the team doctor for treatment so that I can recover as fast as possible for the next competitions.” Chen Meng wrote in her Weibo last October 3. 

Last week, Chen Meng played well in the Asian Championships. She won the Mixed Doubles with Fan Zhednong, reached the semifinals in the Doubles with Zhu Yuling and a finalist in the Singles. But because of injury, Chen Meng didn’t had the chance to win the other two events. 

Chen Meng vs Zhu Yuling 2015 ATTC WS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

After seeing the post of Chen Meng on Weibo, Zhu Yuling, the winner in the Singles commented: “I hope my partner will have a speedy recovery. I am waiting for our next next game, whether we are standing beside each other or against each other. Jiayou!” 

Chen Meng replied: “First, I would like to congratulate you for the Singles title. We were not able to defend our title in the Doubles, leaving me with some regrets. Thank you for your comforting concern. Opponent in the arena, friends outside the arena. Jiayou!” 

Photo source: OSports 

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