Ding Ning Withdraws From The National Championships

Ding Ning Withdraws From The National Championships
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The Chinese players are probably the busiest athletes recently. After last week’s Asian Championships, they are once again back into the arena for another competition, the 2015 Chinese National Championships. With the tight schedule, Ding Ning will still be missing out on the competition. In addition, there is still no assurance for Ma Long and Chen Meng to be playing in the tournament as well. 

Sohu Sports. Ding Ning had to withdraw in last week’s Asian Championships. This week, she has decided to do the same in the individual events of the National Championships.   

As an annual table tennis event, the Chinese National Championships always attract famous players to the competition. Last season, the Shanghai Men’s Team and the Heilongjiang Women’s Team achieved the team titles. 

Fan Zhendong defeated Ma Long in the Men’s Singles while Zhu Yuling won over Ding Ning for the Women’s Singles title. The Men’s Doubles title went to Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin while the Women’s Doubles went to Liu Shiwen and Ding Ning. The Mixed Doubles was won by Yan An and Sheng Dandan 

However, this year, avid fans might not be able to see the reigning world champion Ding Ning in the individual events. It was reported that Ding Ning was injured even before the Asian Championships started. Because of this, she will also be withdrawing from the domestic competition. 

Currently, Ding Ning is under treatments and her participation in the Team event will still be decided later. 

As for the other injured players, Ma Long and Chen Meng, their names are still in the lineup. 

Photo source: OSports 

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