Ovtcharov And Mengel Complained About The 2015 Polish Open (Video)

Ovtcharov and Mengel complained about the 2015 Polish Open (VIDEO)
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The 2015 Polish Open was marked by upsets and withdrawals but also by complaints. Dimitrij Ovtcharov had a successful debut in the main draw, but he complained about the bad quality of flooring, what led him to get injured. His compatriot Steffen Mengel also got injured during the tournament. 

The 2015 Polish Open, Major Series tournament, was an entertaining tournament with upsets and withdrawals, but unfortunately there were also complaints. On Friday Dimitrij Ovtcharov used his facebok fan page to complain about the low quality of the flooring. He said that he won his two first matches of the main draw but he wasn't happy at the end of the day. He injured his ankle because of  the low quality of the flooring. 

Ovtcharov won against Andrej Gacina in the third round but his injury didn't allow him to play against Zhang Jike in quarterfinals. 

Yesterday the European champion informed that his injury was a heavy strain in the peroneus longus. He also talked about the the quality of the 2015 Polish Open. He complained about the lighting, the venue and the training hall. These didn't meet the requirements of an ITTF World Tour. 

During the tournament, Steffen Mengel also had something to say about the 2015 Polish Open. He got injured during his first doubles match and said  he had to take some medicine to be able to play in the singles event. He lost to Sweden's Mattias Karlsson in the round of 32 but he made clear that his injury wasn't the reason of his defeat. 

Video of the training zone


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