Tiago Apolonia No Plans To Play In The Super League

Tiago Apolonia No Plans To Play In The Super League
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The Saarbrucken Club has some new names in their lineup with Tiago Apolonia as one of them. In his interview, the Portuguese player actually said that he is satisfied with the current conditions of the new team. The training conditions are good while options for relaxation are also available. Aside from that, he also doesn’t have any plans to join the Chinese Super League. 

PingPang World. As one of the backbones of Portugal Men’s Table Tennis, Tiago Aplonia acknowledges the level of the Super League but he still has no plans of trying it soon. 

Tiago Apolonia is establishing himself as one of the core players of the Saarbrucken Team along with Bojan Tokic and Adrien Mattinet. With his new team, Apolonia is actually satisfied. 

“Before, I was in the Ochsenhausen Club. The training conditions here are quite better but the biggest difference is that my former club was in a very small city, a small town. After playing, there are no places for relaxation. It is also not convenient to find something new to eat. Here there are a lot of those. The environment is good.” Tiago Apolonia said. 

European players like Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov have been participating in the Chinese Super League for several seasons already. Does Tiago Apolonia have plans to join as well? 

“Chinese table tennis is very popular. The level is very high. However, there are certainly some long-term living and cultural differences. Currently, Portugal’s overall level is increasing. We are at a golden age and opportunities are abundant.” Tiago Apolonia concluded. 

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