Wang Hao Disappointed On Tv

Wang Hao Disappointed On TV
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Ever since Wang Hao retired from being an athlete, he was already out of the spotlight but recently he made it into the headlines of different Chinese sporting websites once again. As he had his TV appearance recently, the Olympic champion frankly revealed his thoughts about his wife going back into dancing again. Unfortunately, Wang Hao was not able to control his emotions. 

Sina Sports. Just recently, the happy family life of Wang Hao was placed in a controversy after he shared some of his sentiments on local TV. 

Last September 29, Chinese media reported a scene in one local TV program involving Wang Hao and his wife Yan Boya. As a professional dancer, Yan Boya performed on stage, wearing a see-through dress which was actually just appropriate for the dance. 

Allegedly, Wang Hao was not very thrilled to see his wife on stage dancing. When he was called into the stage, the Olympic champion was frank enough to express his disappointment, leaving his wife and the host speechless. 

According to what Wang Hao has explained, he doesn’t want his wife to go back to dancing and hoped that Yan Boya would just take care of their child and him. He even complained that he hasn’t seen his child for a long time because his wife brought him. 

With such awkwardness on the stage, Wang Hao walked out. 

However, today, as China celebrated the Chinese National Holiday, Yan Boya posted photos on her Weibo showing her and her husband, smiling and acting real cute with each other. Wang Hao and Yan Boya were married last June in 2013 and had his first born October of that year. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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