Fan Zhendong Full Of Confidence In The World Cup (Video)

Fan Zhendong Full Of Confidence In The World Cup (Video)
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At a young age, Fan Zhendong was already given a precious opportunity to represent the Chinese National Team in one of the most important international competitions in table tennis. Last month, Fan Zhendong played in the World Cup and his first attempt to such competition gave him the runner-up position. This was commended by Liu Guoliang. 

Sina Sports. As a young player, Fan Zhendong continues to impress everyone with his performance. In the World Cup, he reached the finals and that got the attention of Liu Guoliang. 

“We continue to give Fan Zhendong as a teenager some opportunities. We allowed him to go and experience world competitions.” Liu Guoliang said. 

Last month, Fan Zhendong embarked on his first ever Men’s World Cup competition in his career. Despite being a first-timer, the 18-year old stood victorious in every round and successfully reached the finals against Ma Long

“In his participation in the World Cup, Fan Zhendong was full of confidence. In the end, he reached the finals and I believe he played well.” The head coach said. Unfortunately, Fan Zhendong’s efforts and skills did not give him the ultimate title. He settled as a runner-up. 

Fan Zhendong vs Ma Long 2015 World Cup Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Liu Guoliang reveals the reason for his defeat: “He lost to Ma Long because his techniques, psychological strength and experience are still not at par with his opponent.” 

Photo source: Osports 

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