Chen Meng Not Afraid Of Liu Shiwen (Video)

Chen Meng Not Afraid Of Liu Shiwen (Video)
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The Women’s Singles of the 2015 Grand Finals ended with Chen Meng reaching the finals. For the head coach Kong Linghui, Chen Meng was able to do well against Liu Shiwen and even commented that Chen Meng was not afraid of her opponent. However, in the subsequent matches, Chen Meng showed some problems. 

PingPang World. Chen Meng has showed her potential in this year’s Grand Finals after she defeated Liu Shiwen and eventually reached the finals. 

Chen Meng participated in this year’s Grand Finals and her first opponent was the promising young player Mima Ito of Japan. 

“Chen Meng faced Mima Ito in the competition, and the Japanese really has an effect on us. However, she still don’t have any victories against us. Therefore, even though Chen Meng just played normally, she still won.” Kong Linghui said. 

Chen Meng vs Mima Ito 2015 Grand Finals WS R16
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Chen Meng defeated Mima Ito in five sets and proceeded to the quarterfinals against Liu Shiwen. “Subsequently, she won against Liu Shiwen. Chen Meng has been posting a lot of victories against Liu Shiwen because she is not afraid of her style of play.” The head coach added. 

Chen Meng vs Liu Shiwen 2015 Grand Finals WS QF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Chen Meng then advanced into the semifinals where she defeated Jeon Jihee from South Korea and faced Ding Ning in the finals. 

Chen Meng vs Jeon Jihee 2015 Grand Finals WS SF
video kindly shared by TTJanus

“In the semifinals, she was behind in 1-2 against Jeon Jihee. In this match, I believe that she showed some problems. Against left-handed players, Chen Meng needs to be more detailed. In the finals she lost to Ding Ning. You can see that her forehand is still not as good as Ding Ning’s.” Kong Linghui concluded. 

Chen Meng vs Ding Ning 2015 Grand Finals WS Finals
video kindly shared by TTJanus

Photo source: China News 

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