Chinese Men’S Team Accepts News Members

Chinese Men’s Team Accepts News Members
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Before this year ends, the Chinese Men’s Team will be having new players and they are the world junior champions, Liu Dingshuo, Xue Fei and Wang Chuqin. After a three-day competition this week, they emerged as the successful players from the second team to seal a seat in the National Team. Ma Long’s coach Qin Zhijian said that being in the National Team is definitely not paradise. 

Sina Sports. The Chinese Team is able to maintain their strength for several decades now and that is because of their strong second line of defence. 

The three-day competition in determining who will be the latest members of the National Team has already ended and the successful players are Liu Dingshuo, Xue Fei, and Wang Chuqin. 

“Through this competition, I was able to see an existing problems in the team. One is the fierceness and stability; second is the accuracy.” Qin Zhijian said. 

At the same time, the coach also said that reaching the first team doesn’t mean paradise. Actually, there would be an even greater challenge that they should face in the national team. 

“This is my second time to play in this competition. I lost in the first time. Coach Liu Guozheng gave me a wake-up call and had to adjust myself. I haven’t won against Zheng Peifeng and other first team members like him before. through my efforts this year, I was able to be more courageous and held the mentality to fight.” Liu Dingshuo said. 

As for Xue Fei, he said that his goal is the World Championships. 

Photo source: Sina Sports

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