Ding Ning: Japan Is Quite Threatening (Video)

Ding Ning: Japan Is Quite Threatening (Video)
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Ding Ning paired up with Zhu Yuling for the Women’s Doubles in last week’s Grand Finals. Together, they were able to win every round and even swept the promising pair of the Japanese Team,Mima Ito and Miu Hirano. Despite the good score, the Chinese women said that they won because they prepare well against their opponents. 

Sina Sports. Ding Ning was able to win the Doubles with Zhu Yuling in the Grand Finals. Although they scored 4-0, she said that the Japanese pairing was threatening. 

The Women’s Doubles finals boiled down to the Chinese pair, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling  against the Japanese Mima Ito and Miu Hirano. Despite the amount of progress the Japanese pair showed this year, their strength was not enough to challenge the Chinese players. 

The match ended in 11-5, 11-3, 11-9, 11-4, in favour to Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling. 

“Through this competition, we have gained a lot including some things in the technical aspect. Actually, we prepared a lot for today’s final match. Therefore, I felt we were able to control the situation in the game. We were into the momentum much faster.” Ding Ning said. 

Ding Ning/Zhu Yuling vs M. Hirano/M. Ito 2015 Grand Finals WD Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

“As for my opponents, they are not the same. But I feel that they are good. They were the champions last year and they are quite threatening.” Ding Ning added.

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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