Wang Hao Almost Gave Up Table Tennis In 2008

Wang Hao Almost Gave Up Table Tennis In 2008
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Wang Hao is considered to be one of the biggest names table tennis has ever had. He has won a lot of championship titles and has given pride to the Chinese Team however this success didn’t came easy for Wang Hao. He also experienced real pain and suffering which almost urged him to quit. At one point, Liu Guoliang told him that he was not worthy to be an athlete. 

Sina Sports. Wang Hao is one of the players who have gained rich experience in table tennis. But that experience came with some really painful moments in his career. 

“Being the runner-up in the Athens Olympics was really a nightmare for me. It simple broke my heart. As a first-timer in the Olympics, I actually had a good attitude in the beginning but in the finals, I suddenly felt no one was around.” Wang Hao recalled. 

In that match, the 20-year old Wang Hao faced Ryu Seungmin and lost in 2-4 (3-11, 11-9, 9-11, 9-11, 13-11, 9-11). 

“I wasn’t able to prepare much for the finals. I was not in the proper condition once the match started. My mind was blank. The impact was very big to me.” Wang Hao admitted that after that loss, he suffered from phobia to the finals. 

After four years, Wang Hao was in a much better state of mind for the Beijing Olympics. “At that time, I was in the best state of mind and went smoothly into the finals. However, my opponent in the finals was Ma Lin, my senior. We were in the same training group. I was confused and eventually lost.” He explained. 

At that time, Wang Hao has already gained some experience but against his teammate, he lost again and this time in 1-4

“I had very high expectations before participating in the competition. So after the loss, I had nothing to say. I was dazed. A lot of people said that I will just adhere for 2012. This is the most memorable and painful time in my career. That’s when I almost collapsed and almost bid farewell to table tennis.“ He said.   

Once again, Wang Hao was in a battle against his own defeat. In the 2010 World Championships, Wang Hao was substituted by Zhang Jike just because of poor condition. At that time, Liu Guoliang said: “You are not already worthy to be an athlete. You don’t have the desire to win and you don’t look like a soldier anymore.” 

Photo source: OSports

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