Wang Hao Won The World

Wang Hao Won The World
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Wang Hao of course felt depressed with his performance in two Olympic Games. When he lost the third one, he said that he was not that sad anymore. For him, he has already accepted that the London Olympics was his last. His performance still gave him the applause that he deserves. He may have won the match, but he won the hearts of many. 

Sina Sports. Wang Hao retired from table tennis without winning the Olympic Singles gold medal. Despite that, it is believed that he still has won the world. 

Wang Hao was indeed depressed after losing the 2008 Beijing Olympics. But with the help of Liu Guoliang, the player was able to rise up from slumber and prepared for the 2012 London Olympics. Wang Hao was reported for the Olympic Singles, together with Zhang Jike

Wang Hao played smoothly in the competition, sealing his seat in the finals against his teammate. Unfortunately, it was the same result for him. He settled as the runner-up for the third consecutive time. 

“I know that it was my last Olympic Gams so I was not that sad after I lost. As soon as the match finished, we immediately hugged each other. We are opponents in the arena but outside, we are brothers. This is something that I am most proud of.” Wang Hao said. 

In an interview after the match, Wang Hao wasn’t able to hide his tears. Yes, he was still sad but the impact on him as a player was much lesser now compared to the previous. 

“After the 2012 Olympics was finished, all the audience stood up and applauded me. The applause even exceeded that of Zhang Jike’s victory. After, Bai Yansong (a reputable TV personality in China) said that I lost the match but won the world.” He added. 

Right now, Wang Hao has a different priority and it is his family. “Despite how much titles you have won, I feel that family is the most important. The family is the one who gives me the biggest support.” Wang Hao concluded. 

Photo source: China News 

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