Fan Zhendong: Wang Hao Did Not Change

Fan Zhendong: Wang Hao Did Not Change
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Following his retirement last year, Wang Hao quickly accepted a new responsibility as the head coach of the Bayi Team. The change may have been a little bit sudden but Wang Hao has adapted to his new job very well. According to Fan Zhendong, Wang Hao has remained to be approachable. Before he believed Wang Hao was a great athlete. Now, he is a great coach for the young player. 

Sina Sports. Wang Hao has assumed the coaching position of the Bayi Team and the person who gets to experience the coaching first hand is Fan Zhendong. 

“Coming from the success of being an athlete, achieving the same success in being a coach can have a lot of pressure. What brother Hao (Wang Hao) is most worried about is that his communication to us will change and he will not be as approachable as before. He is afraid there will be some distance.” Fan Zhendong started. 

“However, Wang Hao is still the same just like before. He is still very friendly. His approach and tone in talking to me is like an older brother. In this case, I can accept better.” The 18-year old Bayi player said. 

Late last year, Wang Hao officially announced his retirement from the Chinese National Team and he almost immediately assumed the job of being the head coach of the Bayi Team. 

“First, we are very comfortable with him. He can remain calm in correcting us. I do not feel that Wang Hao suddenly changed. He did not change at all. He still has love and concern for table tennis. I believe he is a great athlete. Now, I also believe that he is a great coach.” Fan Zhendong concluded. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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