Wang Hao Feeling Some Pressure

Wang Hao Feeling Some Pressure
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Wang Hao has already embraced his new job as the head coach of the Bayi Team. Although he said that he is feeling more confident in his responsibilities, pressure can not totally be eradicated. In his recent interview, he revealed that the negative effects of pressure are now showing in his health, specifically in his blood pressure. 

PingPang World. Wang Hao has done dealing with the pressure of being an athlete but there is a new kind of pressure that he needs to deal with. 

Yesterday, we reported that Wang Hao has already accepted his new job as the head coach of the Bayi Team. He said he is more confident now and is already learning the responsibilities of the job. 

Before, Wang Hao was dealing a lot of pressure from competition. He needed to always be on guard against foreign opponents and at the same time, achieve his personal best in competitions. Last December, Wang Hao was done in dealing with such pressure. 

Wang Hao’s pressure from competition might have ended but a different kind of pressure has settled and a busy life has aged him a bit faster. Aside from that, a more serious health issue also occurred. He revealed that his blood pressure has gone higher than usual. 

“When I was still an athlete, my blood pressure was 120 over 70. It was very standard. A few days ago, it almost reached 160. Being a coach is really very stressful.” Wang Hao exclaimed. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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