Mu Zi Hopes A Miracle In The World Championships

Mu Zi Hopes A Miracle In The World Championships
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The 2015 World Championships is Mu Zi’s first appearance in the Women’s Singles. Due to her relatively low rankings, she has to participate first in the qualifying stage. Yesterday, she completed it with powerful sweep victories, landing her to the main draw. According to her, she is taking the competition step by step, hoping for something big in the end. 

Xinhua Net. After her powerful performance in the qualifying stage, Mu Zi heads on to the main draw and hopes to go further in the competition. 

“I was not particularly nervous but I seem a little nervous using the three-ball attack. I’ve been through a lot in the Closed Training. Due to a hand injury I wasn’t able to train well. Today, I regard it as a normal performance.” Mu Zi said. 

Yesterday, Mu Zi finished the qualifying rounds with flying colours and is now in the main draw. Because of her performance in the Squad Trials, winning over Ding Ning and Li Xiaoxia, Mu Zi is regarded as the dark horse. 

“A competition is played step by step. I hope to play out a miracle. But the journey has just begun.” She said. As to what is that miracle? She answered: “I hope I can give some highlights to everyone.” 

As for her goals, Mu Zi said that it is not losing against a foreigner. “It is to move forward step by step because there are too many uncertain factors. It is still my first participation, so it is not good to set some goals.” She explained. 

Photo source: HappyPingPang 

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