Wang Hao Guides Fan Zhendong In Training

Wang Hao Guides Fan Zhendong In Training
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After roughly 6 months since retirement, Wang Hao visits the Closed Training of the Chinese Men’s Team in Xiamen. As the new coach of the Bayi Team, Wang Hao pays more attention to his former teammate, Fan Zhendong. Wang Hao said that he has been in constant communication with the young player in preparation for the upcoming World Championships. 

Sina Sports. As part of the core team, Fan Zhendong receives some guidance from his former teammate now coach, Wang Hao. 

Aside from Ma Lin, Wang Hao also paid a visit to the Closed Training of the Chinese Men’s Team. He arrived at Xiamen last April 6.

Wang Hao spent his stay like he is part of the team as he woke up early in the morning to train with the players. But as the coach of the Bayi Team, Wang Hao has special attention to Fan Zhendong

“I have been communicating behind the scenes with Fan Zhendong about personal experience, psychological conditions, and technical aspects. Those are the things I communicate with him well.” Wang Hao said. 

Wu Jingping once said that Fan Zhendong’s chances in the Rio Olympics rely on his performance in this year’s World Championships. Therefore, the guidance of Wang Hao is deemed very important. 

Aside from watching over Fan Zhendong, Wang Hao also took his time to play some table tennis. At the end of the day, Wang Hao picks up his racket and play the sport. Wang Hao has been retired for nearly six months now. 

Photo source: PingPang World 

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