Wu Jingping Reminisce On Ma Lin & Wang Hao

Wu Jingping Reminisce On Ma Lin & Wang Hao
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Before coaching the current players, Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin, Wu Jingping was once the coach of two of the strongest players in the past decade, Ma Lin and Wang Hao. Now that they have retired, Wu Jingping can still remember their strengths in the arena. Although both have different advantages and styles, they are the same as to their level in the sport. 

Sina Sports. Wu Jingping is now the coach of Fan Zhendong and Xu Xin. But before them, Ma Lin and Wang Hao were once Wu Jingping’s players. 

“When I first entered the National Team, everyone looked down on Ma Lin and didn’t expect that he will have such a development.” Wu Jingping recalled. However, after he guided him through his career, Ma Lin slowly emerged as one of the strongest players of the Chinese Team. 

“As for the style of play, Ma Lin’s understanding is the best. He really thinks about his attacks and the opponent. Ma Lin almost always rely on his forehand so he was one of the super players in the world for several years.” The coach added. 

Ma Lin’s greatest achievement is his Olympic Singles championship title in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. 

Ma Lin vs Wang Hao 2008 Beijing Olympics MS Finals
video kindly shared by Christian Heidingsfelder

As for Wang Hao, Wu Jingping said that his special characteristic was that his techniques were very unique. “Wang Hao is down to earth and came step by step. He is also the technique master.  Wang Hao’s style into the team was highly original. I did not know how to go through at first and just had a trial and error.” He said. 

Wang Hao is a World Champion and has reached the finals of the Olympic Games three times in 2004, 2008, and 2012.

Wang Hao vs Wang Liqin 2009 WTTC MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

As for the plastic ball, Wu Jingping still can’t say who has the more advantage. “Actually it is still not a good time to say. We just need to see who has the strongest adaptability. The uncertainty is still quite big.” He concluded. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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