Chen Meng Showed Improvements In The Japan Open (Videos)

Chen Meng Showed Improvements In The Japan Open (Videos)
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Chen Meng went trough some difficult times this year especially after she was not included in the playing lineup for the World Championships Singles. But that event gave her the opportunity to be more aware of her training and investment in competitions. Eventually, during the Japan Open, Chen Meng was able to show those improvements. 

PingPang World. Chen Meng stood victorious in this year’s Japan Open and for the head coach, it was proof of her development as a player. 

“After the 2013 Sweden Open, Chen Meng got another championship title in an Open tournament in two years. It was a breakthrough. I believe that the period around the World Championships was her growth.” Kong Linghui started. 

Chen Meng did not have a very good start of the year after all she was not reported to be in the playing lineup of the Chinese team for the Singles. Chen Meng admitted that she felt depressed but because of that period, she was able to realise her mistakes. 

“Chen Meng was not reported for the Singles in the World Championships and that affected her so much. She began to realise the shortcomings she had and that gave her more awareness on her training and competition.” The head coach added. 

Fortunately for her, it didn’t take long enough for her to show those improvements. Chen Meng won the Japan Open following her victories against strong rivals Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling

Chen Meng vs Ding Ning 2015 Japan Open WS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

Chen Meng vs Zhu Yuling 2015 Japan Open WS SF
video kindly shared by janus770

“Chen Meng won the Japan Open by winning over Ding Ning in the semifinals and Zhu Yuling in the finals. Before, Chen Meng posted more defeats than victories against them. From that game, I can see the change from Chen Meng.” Kong Linghui concluded. 

Photo source: ChinaNews 

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