Ma Long And His 6 Titles At The China Open (Videos)

Ma long and his 6 titles at the China Open (VIDEOS)
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Last weekend Ma Long emerged as champion of the 2015 China Open held in Chengdu and clinched his 6th title in this prestigious event. The World champion equaled Wang Liqin's record and will probably become the most successful player in this event. 

The route of titles at the China Open began in Tianjin 2009. Ma Long claimed his first title at the 2015 Harmony China Open after beating Wang Liqin, World Championships' finalist in the final. 

Ma Long vs Wang Liqin Video kindly shared by Seboba

Ma Long had to wait two years to celebrate at home soil again. In the 2011 China Open the Chinese player missed his chance against Ma Lin in the final but he had his revenge at the 2011 Harmony China Open held in Suzhou. He stood victorious over Zhang Jike, who had been recently crowned world champion in Rotterdam. 

Ma Long vs Zhang Jike Video kindly shared by ttprovider

At the 2012 China Open Ma Long succumbed to Xu Xin in the final match but he had his revenge next year. In Changchun 2013 the world champion got his 3rd title as he beat Wang Hao in the final

Ma Long vs Wang Hao Video kindly shared by SarmaikTT

In the same year Ma Long repeated success at the Harmony China Open. In the final match his victim was Xu Xin. In Chengdu 2014 Ma Long faced Xu Xin again in the final and the final score was in favor of the current world champion again

Ma Long vs Xu Xin at the 2013 Harmony China Open Video kindly shared by janus770

Ma Long vs Xu Xin at the 2014 China Open Video kindly shared by janus770

Things weren't different for Ma Long this year in Chengdu. He emerged successfully over Xu Xin and collected his 4th title in a row and his 6th title overall

Ma Long vs Xu Xin Video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel


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