Ma Long Is The China Open's 20th Winner (Video)

Ma Long is the China Open's 20th winner  (VIDEO)
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Ma Long shone at the 2015 China Open. The world champion won his 4th title in a row at home and became the 20th winner in the history of the China Open. He also managed to equal Wang Liqin's record of 6 titles. But these aren't the only interesting facts of this traditional tournament. You can find more curious facts below. 


  • The China Open has been held every year since 1996. Kong Linghui and Wang Chen were the first winners.
  • China is the National Asocciation that has held more ITTF World Tour tournaments, 25 touraments so far. 
  • Jean-Michael Saive was the first non-Chinese player to win the China Open. That was before the beginning of the ITTF Pro-Tour.
  • Timo Boll and Zoran Primorac are the only non-Chinese players who have won the China Open. Primorac won in 1997, while Boll won in Guangzhou 2006. 
  • After winning today in Chengdu, Ma Long equaled Wang Liqin's record of 6 titles in this tournament and also become the winner number 20.

Ma Long vs Xu Xin Video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

  • The women's singles has been only won by Chinese players
  • Zhang Yinning is the most successful player with 5 titles
  • Seiya Kishikawa/Jun Mizutani in 2009 and Lee Chul Seung/Ryu Seungmin in 2002 are the only non-Chinese pairs that have won the title in doubles.
  • Timo Boll won the title in doubles in Changchun 2013 but he paired up with Ma Long
  • Wang Liqin and Guo Yue are the most successful players in doubles. Wang won eigth titles but with different partners: Yan Sen (3), Chen Qi (2), Hao Shuai (1) and Xu Xin (1). Guo Yue won nine times: Guo Yan (3), Li Xiaoxia (3), Liu Shiwen (2) and Zhang Yining (1). 


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