Chen Meng Satisfied With Her Performance In The Super League

Chen Meng Satisfied With Her Performance In The Super League
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Since Li Xiaoxia was not able to fully participate in this season’s Chinese Super League, a new player took the leading role for the Shandong Luneng Team. She was Chen Meng and actually did a good job the whole season. In the semifinals, Chen Meng was the only player from the team who posted victory. Of course, she was satisfied with her performance. 

Sohu Sports. The Shandong Women’s Team was not able to reach the finals but one player from their team played well. She is Chen Meng. 

Since the start of this season, Li Xiaoxia was not able to really give her full attention to the Chinese Super League due to her injuries. In her absence, Chen Meng played the role of the new leader. Throughout the competition, the young player did well, leading the team into the playoffs. 

Shandong played in the semifinals against the newly-formed team of Wuhan. In that match, Chen Meng contributed two points. “Today, I am satisfied with my overall performance.” Chen Meng said.  

However, two points were not enough to bring down their opponent. Shandong lost to Wuhan in 2-3. 

“In the preliminary stage, we lost to Wuhan twice. This match had a big difficulty. We prepared a lot before the game and went all out against our opponents. Our semifinal match reached the decider and everybody worked hard. I hope that next year, we will be back again.” Chen Meng said. 

Li Xiaoxia also hopes that they will be able to have that chance again so that they can play better. “We are going to come back again next year and impact the championship title for the sixth time.” Li Xiaoxia said. 

Photo source: China News 

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