Mima Ito Nominated For Rio 2016

Mima Ito nominated for Rio 2016
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The Japanese Table Tennis Association officially announced the players for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa and Maharu Yoshimura were nominated in the men's team. In the women's team 14-year-old Mima Ito will replace Sayaka Hirano and will join Ai Fukuhara and Kasumi Ishikawa. 

Japan officially announced the line-up for the 2016 Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro. The Japanese Association informed that the best ranked players will play in the singles and team events. 

Jun Mizutani, Koki Niwa and Maharu Yoshimura are the players nominated for the team event. Mizutani and Niwa are the best ranked players and should play in the singles event. Mizutani is currently ranked 5, while Niwa is in the 12th spot. Yoshimura is in the 18th place. 

In the women team Mima Ito, ranked 10, is the newcomer. The Japanese raising-star will replace the experienced Syaka Hirano, who was part of the team that won the historic silver medal at the 2012 Olympic Games held in London.   

Ito will join Kasumi Ishikawa and Ai Fukuhara, who are ranked 5 and 6, respectively. 

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