South Korea Heads The 2015 Belgium Open's Seeding List

South Korea heads the 2015 Belgium Open's seeding list
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South Korea is the strongest team in the 2015 Belgium Open that kicks off tomorrow. Kim Minseok and Kim Dongyun are the top seeds in the men's singles. Kenji Matsudaira and Kohei Sambe are their main threats. In the women's event Feng Tianwei is the top seed but is followed by Seo Hyowon and Yang Haeun. 

The 2015 Belgium Open starts tomorrow. 41 countries will compete in the tournament to be held in De Haan but South Korea, Japan and Singapore have the strongest players in the competition. 

In the men's singles South Korea is the favorite for the title. Kim Minseok, Kim Donghyun and Cho Eonrae are the top seeds. They are follwed by Japan's Kenji Matsudaira and Kohei Sambe

Other players in the seeding list are: Jean-Michel Saive, Takuya Jin, Fabian Akerstrom, Hunor Szocs, Li Ahmet, Noshad Alamiyan, Matias Karlsson, Cedric Nuytinck

In the women's event Feng Tianwei is the top seed. She will will be challenged by South Korea's Seo Hyowon, Yang Haeun, Jeon Jihee and Choi Hyojoo

Other players in the seeding list are: Singapore's Lin Ye, Romania's Bernadette Szocs, Singapore's Zhou Yihan, Portugal's Shao Jieni, Russia's Yana Noskova, Japan's Shiho Matsudaira and Thailand's Suthasini Sawettabut


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