Tiago Apolonia Stays In Saarbrücken

Tiago Apolonia stays in Saarbrücken
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Saarbrücken kept its main player in the team. Saarbrücken informed that Tiago Apolonia signed for two more season. The Portuguese player said that the German player has become his second family. 

Tiago Apolonia stays in Germany. Saarbrücken officialy announced the renewal of its main player last Thursday. The Portuguese player showed his hapinness for staying in the club: "Saarbrücken is main second family. The atmosphere and the conditions here are perfect for me. I feel incredible well, what has helped me a lot in my development." 

Apolonia also talked about the level of the team: "We have showed that we are a top-team in Europe and in the Bundesliga. We want to keep that". 

Erwin Berg, Saarbrücken's sport director, talked about the importance of Apolonia's renewal: "I know Tiago since he is 14 year old. I have seen his whole development from a young talent to an European top player. I am happy that we will work with him at least for two more years. He is a pillar in our team".   


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