Chen Meng Goes To The World Championships

Chen Meng Goes To The World Championships
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The squad trials of the Chinese Women’s Team continued with its third round yesterday where Chen Meng battled with Wu Yang and the Grand Slam champion Li Xiaoxia. It was the first trial for Li Xiaoxia who endured some injuries. Chen Meng defeated both Li Xiaoxia and Wu Yang, leading her to the finals against Ding Ning. After the final match, Chen Meng earned her seat in Kuala Lumpur. 

Xinhua Net. The Chinese Women’s Team had their third squad trials for the World Team Championships and the third qualified person is Chen Meng. 

The Chinese Women’s Team already had two squad trials and Zhu Yuling and Liu Shiwen were the first two players to qualify. Yesterday, February 14, the team had its third competition. After being absent in the last two trials, Li Xiaoxia was able to participate this time. 

The first match was between Shandong locals, Chen Meng and Li Xiaoxia. The younger player was able to start with good momentum and was able to maintain it throughout the match. At the end of three sets, Chen Meng recorded 11-7, 11-9, 11-8. 

Li Xiaoxia played again in the second match against Wu Yang. This time, the Grand Slam champion was able to recover and scored 12-14, 11-7, 11-8, 11-6. The third match was between Chen Meng and Wu Yang. The offensive player took control and won in 3-1. 

With two victories, Chen Meng advanced into the finals where Ding Ning was waiting. Ding Ning was the runner-up in the last trial. In the final match, Chen Meng overcame the world champion and recorded a 3-1 score. 

Chen Meng eventually got the third place in the lineup for the World Team Championship. 

Photo source: Sina Sports 

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