Chen Meng Looks Promising

Chen Meng Looks Promising
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Chen Meng bravely faced the much more experienced teammates like Li Xiaoxia, Wu Yang and Ding Ning in the third squad trials of the Chinese Women’s Team. This earned her the third ticket to Kuala Lumpur for the World Team Championships. After the competition, head coach Kong Linghui acknowledged the good performance Chen Meng showed. 

Xinhua Net. The latest addition to the Chinese Women’s Team lineup for the World Team Championships is Chen Meng who won the third squad trials last weekend. 

Last weekend, Chen Meng had a victorious match against some of the big stars of the Chinese Women’s Team like Li Xiaoxia, Wu Yang and Ding Ning. Eventually, she got the third ticket for the World Team Championships. 

“Chen Meng’s overall strength and the degree of stability of her forehand had a really big improvement. There were also really few errors. That was the critical part of her victory today.” Kong Linghui said. 

The head coach also pointed out the performance of Chen Meng in the finals against the world champion Ding Ning. He said that the younger player was able to show better stability. 

“In the finals, she played really excitingly. Ding Ning had her advantage but Chen Meng showed better stability. Her ability to control the forehand and her lethality were all showed.” The head coach concluded. 

Chen Meng joins Zhu Yuling and Liu Shiwen in the lineup for the Chinese Women’s Team. 

Photo source: Xinhua Net 

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