China Waxing Their Tables

China Waxing Their Tables
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The Chinese Team is known to have a very systematic training environment which really helps their players to be in tiptop form every time they compete. With the World Team Championships nearing, the team added more challenge into their training. According to recent news, the men;s team is improvising something just to increase the control of their players. 

Sina Sports. As the Chinese Team is still in their closed trainings, the coaches wanted to increase the abilities of their players further through waxing their tables. 

Both the men’s and women’s divisions of the Chinese Team are still on their final preparations for the World Team Championships. For the men’s team, they are currently in Shenzhen enhancing the performance of their players. 

According to some recent news, part of their rigorous training is using new tables and waxing them. According to the head coach, they wanted their players to increase their control on the ball. 

“Actually, the real combat is to make their third-ball attack much more detailed. It will be more perfect. Waxing the tables will increase the control and bounce. We also need this training to make the players be better in handling those situations and not lose control when they are in a tense situation.” Liu Guoliang concluded. 

Aside from that, the men’s team also announced that they will be having warm-up matches on the 18th and 19th. The team will return to Beijing on the 20th.  

Photo source: China News 

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