Jan-Ove Waldner: I’M Old

Jan-Ove Waldner: I’m Old
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Jan-Ove Waldner was in the headlines recently after he officially bid farewell to his athletic career. After his last match, the table tennis legend explained the reasons why he chose to retire now. According to him, his decision was thought over for years but because he feels there are no motivation anymore, he decided to end it. For him, he feels already old. 

Xinhua Net. At 51 years old, Jan-Ove Waldner has ended his career as an athlete. The reason he said was that he doesn’t have motivation to fight anymore. 

“I had a victory and a loss in this competition. Fighting against an outstanding player is really meaningful. Before the competition, I was not a little sure about my condition.” Jan-Ove Waldner said after his last match in the Swedish League

He scored a 3-2 victory against Simon Ardvidsson and then a 1-3 loss against Andreas Tornkvist.  “Fortunately, I was able to play well in the first match. But in the second match, I was not able to support it any longer.” He added. 

As to his decision to retire, the veteran revealed that he has thought about if for years now and the reason why he had to retire now was because of motivation. 

“In my athletic career, I have experienced a lot of difficulties from injuries. In the past 12 years, I have examined myself for a countless of time. There is a reason why I choose to say goodbye now. That is because I don’t have any motivation now. For the future, I have a great possibility to become a commentator.” He said. 

“My career is really enough. I am already old.” Jan-Ove Waldner concluded. 

Photo source: OSports 

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