Zhang Jike Getting Old

Zhang Jike Getting Old
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Age is one of the factors that can affect the performance of an athlete. As for Zhang Jike, some effects are already evident according to his personal coach Xiao Zhan. In an interview, Xiao Zhan said that there has already been some differences in the Grand Slam champion. However, Zhang Jike assured that he is doing well in the restoration of his condition. 

Sohu Sports. Zhang Jike just turned 28 this week and in a recent interview, his personal coach acknowledged some differences because of the age. 

As the personal coach of Zhang Jike, Xiao Zhan is feeling more at ease now. According to him, the technical training is longer than the physical training as the World Team Championships is coming nearer. 

However, the coach wanted to emphasise that there is only 24 hours each day and how much time Zhang Jike spends in training, resting and rehabilitation are all extremely important. 

“I am pretty worried about this aspect as a head coach. His control now is not as good as before when he was still younger. After all he is getting old. His physical condition now how some differences since before.” Xiao Zhan said. 

Zhang Jike should make full use of his physical advantages and as well as his experience so as to fully play out his level in the competition. Zhang Jike just turned 28 last February 16

“My injury control is relatively stable and the main thing now is how to maintain my condition after restoration. I feel that I have restored my condition except sometimes I feel some mental fatigue. But the overall physical condition is okay.” Zhang Jike said. 

Photo source: QQ Sports 

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