China Feels Threat From Mima Ito (Videos)

China Feels Threat From Mima Ito (Videos)
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The 2016 World Team Championships ended with the Chinese Women’s Team successfully defending the championship title. They defeated the Japanese Team in a powerful score of 3-0. After the match, the head coach, Kong Linghui said that they have really prepared for a difficult battle and that paid off in the end. In addition, he also praised the level of the young player Mima Ito.  

Sohu Sports. The Chinese Women’s Team stood victorious in last weekend’s World Team Championships. After the victory, Kong Linghui admitted that Mima Ito is threatening. 

In the 2016 World Team Championships, Japan was able to reach the finals and battled against China. In the women’s division, Mima Ito was one of the players who fought in the final round. Although the young player lost in 1-3 against Ding Ning, Kong Linghui was still impressed. 

Ding Ning vs Mima Ito 2016 WTTC WT Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Japan, particularly Mima Ito, will be China’s opponent in the next decade. At 15, she is becoming more and more mature. The quality of her performance is much higher than Ai Fukuhara at that age. She is more threatening.” Kong Linghui said. 

Despite the improved strength from the Japanese Team, China was still very strong and finished the round in three straight matches. 

“Actually, we have already prepared for a five-match finals today. Before the match, I told each player to prepare for the decider. That is because everyone has already reached a high level. There isn’t much of a big gap between us.” Kong Linghui said. 

Indeed, it was a good thing that the Chinese Team was able to take precautions. In the second match, Li Xiaoxia was stretched into the decider before finally taking the point. 

Li Xiaoxia vs K. Ishikawa 2016 WTTC WT Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

Photo source: Happy PingPang 

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