China In Full Force In The 2016 Qatar Open (Video)

China In Full Force In The 2016 Qatar Open (Video)
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The table tennis sport will have another competition this week and this time, it will be in Qatar. Last week’s Kuwait Open was successful with the concluding match between Ma Long and Zhang Jike, This time, there will be an opportunity for another showdown. Aside from the men, the women will also have some highly anticipated battles between the Chinese players and the rest of the playing lineup. 

ITTF. The 2016 Qatar Open will commence today and the Chinese Team is in full force. Zhang Jike and Ma Long might meet again in the Singles. 

After an exciting Kuwait Open last week, most of the strongest players in the world will be on stage again and this time, in Qatar. Last week we were treated with a final match between Zhang Jike and Ma Long where the former surprised everyone with a convincing win. 

Zhang Jike vs Ma Long 2016 Kuwait Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by Official ITTF Channel

This week, there is still a chance that these two players will meet again in the arena. However, it wouldn’t be in the finals but in the penultimate round. Ma Long is top seed while Zhang Jike is fourth seed. Both players are drawn in the same half of the draw. 

Other Chinese players are Fan Zhendong, second seed and Xu Xin, third seed. There were no Chinese players in last year’s Qatar Open. 

The defending champion in the Men’s Singles is Vladimir Samsonov and he will be on duty. He is 8th seed. European stars Dimitrij Ovtcharov, Marcos Freitas, and Andrej Gacina will also be playing this time. 

Vladimir Samsonov vs D. Ovtcharov 2015 Qatar Open MS Finals
video kindly shared by janus770

Aside from China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, South Korea, and Hong Kong will also be represented. They are Chuang Chih Yuan, Jun Mizutani, Wong Chun Ting, Jung Youngsik, Koki Niwa, Tang Peng and Lee Sangsu. 

The host nation will be represented by Li Ping. 

As for the Women’s Singles, China will be defended by Liu Shiwen, Ding Ning and Zhu Yuling. Last week’s winner Li Xiaoxia is not in the playing lineup. The Japanese trio Ai Fukuhara, Kasumi Ishikawa and Mima Ito are all on duty. 

Last week, Feng Tianwei was able to defeat Zhu Yuling in the Singles. This week, she has the opportunity to challenge Liu Shiwen. 

Photo source: Sohu Sports 

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