Complaints About Wtttc Kuala Lumpur 2016

Complaints about WTTTC Kuala Lumpur 2016
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Two days have passed after the finals of the 2016 World Team Championships and we still remember the China defeding the titles in Kuala Lumpur. Unfortunately, that isn't the only thing to remember from the tournament. Players and people who attended to the 2016 World Team Championships criticized the organization and the facilities. 

China was crowned champion of the 2016 World Team Championships' Championships division that finished on last Sunday. But other divisions also took place during the tournament and they weren't treated as the top teams. 

There are complaints about the distance between the venue for the Championships and the other divisions, the food at the hotel, the playing area and proper toilets. These were portable toilets, which aren't appropiate for such event. 

Marcos Yamada of Brazil, who has covered 20 World Championships, also criticized the tournaments on his facebook fan page. He said that the organization didn't meet the standars for the event and the volunteers were not well-prepared, the venue was old and without lighting and signs, leaks in several places, no control to access to playing area, lack of communication between leaders and subordinates. The second hall was windy and cool sometimes and there was lack of cleanning. 

Unfortunately, a world championships shouldn't be remembered for these things. But we also have to think that this tournament gathers 4 divisions and more than 160 teams, counting the men and women events: maybe there is no world championships in other sports that gathers this number of teams. Is it time to think about a reform in the World Team Championships? 

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