Germany Ended Up In The 13th Place At The Wtttc 2016

Germany ended up in the 13th place at the WTTTC 2016
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Germany was eliminated in the group phase at the 2016 World Team Championships but they continued in competition. They played in the draw with other non-qualified countries and remained unbeaten. The German team and Czech Republic ended up in the 13th place. 

Germany recovered after being eliminated in the group phase at the 2016 World Team Championships. The German team was the top seed in the group B but faced defeats against France and England, what meant its elimination. 

The German team didn't count on Dimitrij Ovtcharov for injury and Timo Boll got sik during the tournament and couldn't performance at his best level. Steffen Mengel, Patrick Franziska, Ruwen Filus and Bastian Steger felt the pressure and couldn't get their team into the main draw. 

In the draw of eliminated teams Germany defeated Italy by 3-0 in quarterfinals. In the next match the German players overcame Ukraine by 3-0. With that victory, Germany got the 13th place. 

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Hiroji Satoh of Japan was the first player to win a WTTC using covered thick sponge

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