Germany Remains In The Second Place Of The World Ranking

Germany remains in the second place of the world ranking
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Germany stays in the second place of the world team ranking after its low performance at the 2016 World Team Championships. The German team kept its place  thanks to the ranking of Timo Boll and Dimitrij Ovtcharov. 

The German men's team kept its world ranking after the poor performace at the 2016 World Team Championships held from 28th February to 6th March. Germany stays in the second place in the world ranking of March.

The European team remains in that place, because the world team ranking is based on the ranking points of the 3 highest ranked players. In the case of Germany, the 3 highest ranked players are Dimitrij Ovtcharov (5), Timo Boll (10) and Bastian Steger (31). 

China is at the top of the ranking. Ma Long (1), Fan Zhendong (2) and Xu Xin (3) are the highest ranked player. Japan is in the third place and his highest ranked players are Jun Mizutani (6), Koki Niwa (12) and Maharu Yoshimura (19). 

The rest teams in the top-10 are: South Korea, Hong Kong, Portugal, Sweden, Austria, France and Chinese-Taipei.  


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