Latin America And North America Join To Form The Pan American Union

Latin America and North America join to form the Pan American Union
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America is the only Continent that is divided in two main organization in Table Tennis, but that will end soon. Last year Presidents of the Latin American Union and the North American Union signed an agreement to form the Pan American Union. This agreement begins this year with the first Pan American Junior Championships

A new Continental Association is in the making. During the 2015 World Junior Championships, Mr. Juan Vila (President of the Latin American Table Tennis Union, LATTU) and Tony Kiesenhofer (President of the North American Table Tennis Union) signed an agreement to organize 3 Pan American events: the Pan American Championships, the Pan American Junior Championships and the Pan American Cup. 

The first tournament to be organized will be the 2016 Pan American Junior Championships. The Canadian city of Vancouver will be the host city from 25th to 10th June. 16 teams will compete in the tournamet and countries will have to play in qualification tournaments to be part of it. This will be the quota for each region: 6 for South America, 4 for Central America, 4 for the Caribbean and 2 for North America. 

Next year the first Pan American Senior Championships and Pan American Cup will be held. Gradually the LATTU and the North American Union will disappear to form the Pan American Table Tennis Union. 

Photo courtesy of ITTF

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